Trail Running in Spain, the atmosphere. Video Transgrancanaria 119k 2013 as seen from the pack (#106. Finisher 22h11m)

Gran edición de la Transgrancanaria 119k, más dura que nunca, compartida a uno y otro lado del dorsal: Mayayo en carrera con Manu y Jaime. Memphis apoyando y foteando con Encarna. Una noche gélida y lluviosa en el arranque, hasta que al fin salió el sol a mediodía y pudimos disfrutar del resto de carrera. Buen video de los amigos de Manu que le siguieron de cabo a rabo toda la prueba.

Trail running in Spain is widely popular these days, and keeps growing rapidly.  Partly because of the superb mountains spread all over the country, partly because of the spanish elite runners success all over the world. But mostly, this mountain running boom in Spain has to do with the great atmosphere that newcomers and middle  of the pack runners find when joining the sport. Yes, mountain races are tough competitions were every one strives to outpace fellow runners, yet there is often much companionship in them, as this  video and photogallery from Transgrancanaria 119k 2013 edition -ran under 12 hours of nonstop rain- demonstrates


TRANSGRANCANARIA 2013: The ultra running community in Spain.

Transgrancanaria 2013 (see our full race report here) was once again a tough race, won by Sebastien Chaigneau and Nerea Martinez after enduring terrible weather conditions that resulted in many of the  favorites dropping…

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